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COMSOFIL offers Cluster Training  in the following fields of ICT (Information and Communication Technology :

ICT cluster courses  offered  every semester. These are Digital Video Productions, Basic Digital Photography, Photoshop (Basic and Advance), Computer Programming Fundamentals, Basic Electronic and Cellphone Repair, MS Excel Electronic Spreadsheet, MS Access Fundamentals, Microstation, Office Productivity, Computer Aided Design, Computer Programming,  MS Fundamentals, Autocad (Basic and Advanced), Net I-Implementing Windows, XP and Server 2003 Environment, Program Logic Foundation, Web Development – (Basic HTML), 3D Max Modelling, Advanced PC Assembly and Trouble Shooting, Autocad (Advanced and Basic) Macromedia Flash (Advanced and Basic) and Computer Fundamentals. 

Other courses ranging from basic to advance know-how in computer use.

Workshop  cluster registration  is located at the Elite International School (EIS), Al Olaya District every Thursdays and Fridays. Registration for women opens at 1 P.M. up to 5 P.M. not only on Thursday but also on Fridays. Registration for men opens at 8 A.M. up to 5:00 P.M. every Friday. Workshop sessions and regular classes will be announced during enrollment.

For further details, interested parties are advised to contact the Comsofil hotlines: 966502917310, 966568861036, 966541848715, 966553206048, 966503493405 and 966595816121.

Details are also available at the Comsofil community portal website